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Additional information for arranging a funeral.

The Coroner

Often when a death is sudden, unexplained or the result of an accident, the death will have to be reported to the Coroner.  We will be able to guide you through this and explain the procedure.  We have a list of local Coroners offices available. The involvement of the coroner following a death does not necessarily hold up the funeral arrangements, but each case will be considered on the individual circumstances by the coroner. Local coroners offices: Brighton: 01273 665525 East Sussex: 0845 6070999 Mid Sussex: 01243 520286

Help with funeral costs.

The cost of the funeral is often met from the deceased's estate.  If there are not sufficient funds to cover these costs and the person responsible for making funeral arrangements is receiving one or more of the major state benefits i.e. Income Support, Invalidity Pension, then they may be able to get help from the DSS.  We can offer you some assistance in completing your application but cannot guarantee the outcome of any  decision the DSS may make.  If the claim is successful the DSS will contribute to the cost of a simple funeral. Please remember that the DSS classify a simple funeral as such because of the use of a simple coffin.  This in no way reflects the level of professionalism and sensitivity we offer to each and everyone of our clients. Being a private family business we can be flexible with payment plans.  For those families experiencing difficulty in covering the cost of a funeral special arrangements can be agreed to ease the situation, please feel free to call us and discuss what help we can make available to you. If there are no finances available at all, then special arrangements can be made directly through a local authority.  We can help explain how these work and how to initiate them.

Visiting the Chapel of Rest.

Many people wish to visit their loved ones to say a final goodbye.  Visits can be arranged at any time, including evenings or weekends, if normal office hours are inconvenient. We do ask that you contact us first to arrange a mutually convenient time.  Care of the deceased and use of the Chapel of Rest is all part of our service and no extra charges are made.  Both our premises in Haywards Heath and Newick have a Chapel of Rest.

Cremated remains.

After a funeral has been carried out, and a decision regarding cremated remains is to be made, we will help and advise on their final resting place, for example they may be left at the crematorium or interred in a churchyard, family grave, cemetery or scattered in a special place of your choice. We will hold cremated remains until you are ready to decide.
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Floral tributes.

Flowers are a very traditional way of expressing what are often very personal and individual feelings. In one way or another, flowers form a very important part of many ceremonies and occasions and a funeral is no exception. We are happy to assist you in the choice of flowers and have an illustrated brochure to help make your selection from and use a local long established Interflora florist “Miss Bloomsbury” (formerly Floral Designs and Hilda’s Flowers), telephone 01825 765060 or visit the website at As part of our service to you we will, if required, remove all the floral cards, as soon as practical, and return them to you for safe keeping along with an In Remembrance card. We can also arrange for floral tributes to be taken to a local place of your choice, where they can be appreciated by others.

Bereavement counselling and care.

Nothing prepares you for the loss of someone close to you. Grieving is a natural process which is handled by people in many different ways. There are bereavement groups both nationally and locally and we are able to provide you with contacts for most. However, should we not be able to provide you with information on a particular group your local Citizens Advice Bureau may be able to help. We have a simple child's story, called ‘Water Bugs & Dragonflies’ that can help to explain death to smaller children - copies are freely available at our office, and can also be viewed on this web site: ‘Water Bugs & Dragonflies’ > >

Informing others:

Organisations to be informed of the death: Car insurance - Documentation will have to be changed as you will not be legally insured to drive if the policy is in the deceased's name. Social services / district nurses - if they were providing such things as meals on wheels, home help, or who may have supplied equipment such as wheel chairs, a bed etc. Hospital and / or family doctor - where the person may have been attending prior to death. Employer or professional association. Inland revenue. Social security - A form needs to be completed to cancel any direct debit payments into a bank account. This white certificate is provided by the Registrar of Deaths. Local council - Cancel any housing/rate benefits and council tax. Gas, electric, water, telephone and cable & satellite companies - Cancel accounts. Post office - Arrange redirection of mail. Credit card and store card companies - Cancel cards and settle accounts. Bank and building societies - Close accounts and amend joint accounts. Investment and insurance or assurance companies - Note: Premium Bonds are not transferable. The Post office will issue you with a form to send to the bonds and stock office. Store cards - Loyalty, charge and credit cards need to be cancelled. Police station - If a private residence remains empty, contact the local police station so that they are aware. Neighbours - so that they are aware that the house is empty. Solicitor. Executor. Accountant. Items you may need to cancel: Milk   -   Newspapers   -   Lottery ticket   -   Appointments   -   Meals on wheels Home help   -   Chiropodist   -   Dentist   -   Opticians   -   Hairdresser   -   Gardener Items to be returned: Passport - To The Passport Office, UK Passport Agency, 5th Floor, India Building, Water Street, Liverpool. Driving License - To D.V.L.A., Swansea SA99 1AB. Vehicle registration documents - To change ownership. Car insurance - To change Policy Holder's name or a refund. Television license - To change name or obtain a refund. Season tickets and club membership. Library books and cards. National insurance papers.


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